Fill our May Day Basket

As you may know, the May Day Basket is a tradition dating back hundreds of years in which people collected flowers and candies throughout late April and then stuffed them into baskets which they then hung on the door of neighbors, friends, and loved ones.


This year, we’re bringing this delightful tradition into the 21st century, and we need your help!  We are going to build a May Day Basket filled with photos of flowers – picture wire stems blooming from a wicker basket with laminated and colorful photographs of your favorite flowers clipped to the ends.  It’s going to be fantastic, and here’s how you can contribute:

-Post your favorite flower pictures on the May Day Photo Basket album on our Facebook page.  Please include flower names and photo locations.
– Email your photos to us.  Please include flower names and photo locations.
– Send your photos to us on Instagram.  Please include flower names and photo locations.
– Post your photos on your Facebook and Instagram pages, tag @36Letters, and use the hashtags #mayday and #mayflowers.  Please include flower names and photo locations.

We will debut the basket at the Annapolis First Sunday Arts Festival on Sunday, May 1, and will display it proudly at all events throughout the month, so come on out and see the finished product live and in person.  We will also be posting updates on our Facebook page and Instagram feed.  So, like/follow both to see the progress.  Thanks!