Finding inspiration

In the movie Hitch (a romantic comedy, but admittedly, one of our favorites), there is a scene in which Albert (Kevin James) asks an artist friend of Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta), where he finds inspiration.  The artist looks at him, smiles, and says simply, “Everywhere.”

And, there’s something to that.  As a photographer, I get asked that a lot too.  And, the answer is strikingly similar.  “All around us.”

Inspiration is not limited to those motivational posters of bears catching salmon that jump out of streams (though Chase Jarvis does have some incredibly potent images and captions on his Facebook page).  It can be found anywhere and everywhere.  It can be found in things large and small, near and far.  Finding it is often not a matter of seeking it out, but instead is a matter of opening your eyes to it.


That said, if you’re feeling stuck, here are a few simple ideas to help nudge you forward and bring the delights around you into focus:

– Make a small change to your routine.  Whether it’s waking up at a 10 minutes earlier, taking a new route to work, or having a turkey sandwich instead of a salad for lunch, small changes in your daily routine can stimulate your brain’s creative process in big and bold ways.
– Go someplace new… even if it’s right around the corner.  Taking a microadventure, as detailed by Alstair Humphreys on his terrific blog, is a great way to liberate your mind from the day-to-day grind and open it to new and exciting adventures.
– Take a run, hit the gym, or do some yoga.  Whatever your exercise routine is, getting your blood pumping will clear your mind and allow you to see the world around you more clearly.
– Read a good book.  It’s virtually impossible to not to become energized when you indulge yourself in the lyrical words of a great writer or the motivating tale of ambition and achievement that follows one of history’s great men or women.

Where do you find your inspiration?  Share your recipes below for finding clarity and purpose within your daily life.